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Are you looking for a Network that supports the growth and protection of regional insurance brokers across the UK, whilst at the same time allowing you to retain your independence?

If so, come and make yourself at home and become part of our family. We pride ourselves on developing and delivering tailored services to our 600 Members, placing each and every one at the heart of everything that we do.

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Our Family

The Broker Network family is centered on three pillars; Members, Partners and Products.

Our mission is to help Grow, Protect and Support our Members regardless of the shape of size of their business. Our in-house experts understand broking and are able to tailor solutions that best meet the broker’s needs.

A full range of exclusive products providing solutions for almost any risk are aimed at providing Members & Partners with a competitive advantage.

We also provide capital investment to allow independent brokers to grow their business and fulfil their strategic objectives. By creating regional broking centres, we also provide our Partners with the capability to purchase smaller brokerages.

The six stages of a broker's journey

"No Matter Your Stage We can Support Your Needs"

The six stages of a broker's journey


Many independent brokers in the UK struggle to grow and to realise their full potential. Have you ever wondered why?

No matter whether you’re just starting out on your journey or your business is well established, we recognise that there are six key stages that make up the life cycle of an independent broker. Our unique range of market-leading services can give you the tools you need to establish yourself within each of these stages, helping you to evolve and propelling you forward.

Supporting growth at each stage of your business’s life cycle.


Setting up your business can be a complex and daunting venture and simply surviving can be tough, but Broker Network can offer the support you need. Our Risk and Compliance Consultancy can help assist you with the regulator, and our Marketing Consultancy will help you identify your brand and launch it to your customer base. 

Meanwhile, your local Business Development Manager and our in-house Member Support team will ensure you make the most of our services, bringing hungry Insurer Partners to your door and leaving you free to win and retain your first clients. 


As your business begins to stabilise, your focus is likely to shift to strengthening your book of business as well as your internal infrastructure. Your dedicated Business Development Manager will arrange introductions with our panel of Insurer Partners; while our Systems Support team will ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

We can also provide dedicated support from Risk & Compliance to ensure any changes to your initial plan, including additional staff training and changes to process, are all taken care of in a compliant manner; and our Communications & Events team will provide essential updates and offer valuable networking opportunities.


As your brokerage evolves, you will decide whether to enter the growth phase. When you have strong structures in place and both your client base and staff begin to expand, our in-house HR Consultancy team and Client Money service can help you to meet these new challenges head on; and the Training Academy can develop the skills of your staff as your business becomes seen as a centre of expertise.

Our unique Organic Growth Programme will offer you over 100 ways to grow your business, these proven methods have been created from decades of experience and intensely listening to what the “best of the best” do and how they do it, the results have been astounding.


Once your business is robust with a stable list of clients and a steady team, it’s time to preserve what you have built.

Strengthening your reputation and ensuring you’re consistently meeting your clients’ needs, our Placement Support team can help you find a home for those tricky-to-place risks and assist with building relationships with insurers; while our Insurer Relations team and in-house MGA work tirelessly to bring you products, often with an exclusive edge to help you to stand out from the crowd.

Meanwhile, our Agency and TOBA Management team can remove a significant administrative and regulatory burden from your shoulders by taking care of TOBA audits as your business moves into new markets.


At some point in your journey as a business owner, you may want to start thinking about making arrangements for succession planning.

As it’s likely that this will only happen to you once, it’s reassuring to know that you have Broker Network’s extensive expertise at your fingertips. You can access the Network for one of our Consultancy days and of course, you always have access to our experienced Senior Management team.


If you make the decision to buy another business or sell your own, we can help you to complete the process smoothly. We offer a host of services including matchmaking you to a buyer or a seller, funding, systems integration advice, and HR advice from our in-house teams.

We passionately believe in the longevity of the independent Insurance Broker and can also offer you the option of retaining your independence by becoming a Broker Network Partner. We understand the difficulty and complexity of selling an established business, and we can support your wishes and build on them to ensure a smooth transaction in a timeframe that suits.


Regardless of the size of your brokerage or where it is in its life cycle, our market leading services can support its growth and protection.

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So often the 'small guys' do not receive the support and protection we need to grow. Being part of the Network allows us to obtain terms from partner insurers despite our individual account size.

Chris Chapman WRS Insurance Brokers

Our Insurer-Side

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Over the years we have developed close relationships with our Insurer-Side Partners, which means that we can offer our Members and Partners the tools they need to compete in the marketplace. From our Strategic Partner Insurers through to providers of niche and specialist markets, our broad panel offers access to Network-exclusive deals that can help to win and retain business.

Our Strategic Partner Insurers, with whom we work particularly closely, are displayed above. To see the comprehensive list of our Insurer-Side Partners, click the button below.

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