The Network's Three Pillars


The Network's Three Pillars


Since our humble yet ambitious beginnings, the Broker Network family tree has flourished. We are committed to working closely with our Members to ensure that our products and services are aligned with their business needs.

Today our primary focus is centered around Members, Products and Partners, which enables the Network to offer the best of the best in each of these key areas.


Our mission is to help Grow, Protect and Support independent, community-based brokers. We’re devoted to our Members and truly believe in providing that personal touch, getting to grips with the nuts and bolts of your business so that we can understand exactly what makes it tick.

Because we’ve been there, we understand what being a broker is all about – so we can find the right membership level to match your company’s particular needs.


Broker Network Partners offers a unique investment opportunity from a centre of excellence. Our strategy is to create a series of regional broking centres across the UK, several of which will, in turn acquire their own ‘satellite’ brokerages. In turn, you can benefit from the Network’s expertise, solid reputation and sound industry knowledge.


We understand that for brokers, gaining access to competitive cover can make or break your business.

A strong products proposition offering an extensive choice of Member-exclusive, non-transferable deals has been a top priority of the Network ever since our renowned Countrywide proposition was launched back in 1994; since then our Broker Network Products pillar has been further developed to fortify our position as a world class product provider.

Member Quote

Without Broker Network taking both the time and considerable trouble to make us step back, take a dispassionate look at our business and take the decisions necessary, then our growth plan would not have been possible.

Nicholas Martin Guy Penn

The Team

"Supported by a team of over 150"

Des O'Conner Tim Rolfe Richard Pitt Simon Drew Andy_Fairchild Ian Clark

The team

Des O’Connor Chief Commercial Officer

WORK: My focus is firmly on the build out and delivery of our Partners strategy – so I spend all my waking hours in every corner of the UK getting to know and building relationships with dynamic and entrepreneurial minded independent brokerages.  Every day I learn something new.

LOVES: When I’m not spending quality time with my lovely wife and four girls, I like to stay active – whether it’s coaching kids in our local Gaelic Football club, going to the gym, or in an effort to stay young, pursuing my passion for boxing both inside and outside of the ring.  When it all gets too crazy I disappear to the West of Ireland for some peace and quiet…

Tim Rolfe Chief Product & Underwriting Officer

WORK: Love the people – I find it inspiring to be working with people who have a genuine belief in their cause and who will daily go the extra mile to help.

LOVE: Being with my family, curry, beer, curry and beer. In fact, curry and beer with my family.

Richard Pitt Chief Network Officer

WORK: My passion is to enable brokers to be the best that they want to be. The more people I can empower, the wider we can spread positivity and productivity, which is what I’m all about. 

LOVES: My wife and three children mean the world to me and are at the centre of everything I do; they also mean that I spend much of my life as a taxi driver or spectator – but I get a round of golf in when I can!

Simon Drew Chief Financial Officer

WORK: Chief bean counter and guardian of the calculator, supporting my fellow colleagues by looking after the numbers both rear view looking and more importantly forward looking. I am the goalkeeper of the team, or the drummer, depending on your view.

LOVES: Travel, any music heavier than Queen, cycling, running, golf and sailing… oh and Mrs Drew!

Andy Fairchild Chief Executive Officer

WORK: Well it seemed like a pretty good idea 30 years ago – I was part of the original Misys Insurance Marketing Team! Love supporting hard-working SME brokers and bringing people together (networking that is… the clue’s in the name eh?). Love independence – always have, still do, always will.

LOVES: My family, my three amazing daughters, the Posh, England football, rugby and cricket, and 80s music. Not necessarily in that order!

Ian Clark Executive Chairman

WORK: I smell the flowers every morning. Great place to work, great culture and it’s all about doing the right thing for our Members. Strategically we know what we want so its all about the delivery and that’s my job. I chair the best team in the industry and its a joy to engage with them and help get the best out of them.

LOVES: The buzz of a good job, travel (still after all these years), sport of any description, the wife, the kids and the dogs.

From our CEO

Our mission is to grow, protect and support insurance brokers and champion their independence. Always was; still is; always will be.

Andy Fairchild Broker Network CEO

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Meet Our Leaders & Directors

Our 150+ in-house experts would love to meet you and are always available for a chat. In the meantime here are a few friendly faces we would like to introduce you to.

Mike Ellis

Managing Director BNU

WORK: I thrive on working on the strategy in the MGA which delivers added value, excellent customer service and differentiated products for our members. Being part of a great team is an added bonus.

LOVES: Competing in triathlons and the odd Ironman just for fun. Being outdoors under any guise, I would definitely be an outdoor pursuits instructor if I didn’t work at Broker Network.

Dan McNally

Insurer Relations Director

WORK: There is nothing better than helping independent brokers compete with the nationals. I also relish being the face of the Network with our insurers across all three parts of our strategy; Members, Products and Partners.

LOVES: Spending time with my wife and two little girls. Living in Edinburgh and enjoying the stunning scenery, culture, beaches, links golf and dining out!

Beth Ash

Communications Director

WORK: No 2 days are the same! Whether it’s arranging interviews with the press, streaming live to our members or bringing our internal culture to life it’s the variety that gets me up in the morning.

LOVES: Exotic holidays, handbags, country walks and my 2 cats Lenny and Flo.

Jenny Hemmings

Risk & Compliance Director

WORK: There is always a new challenge on the horizon! I am most happy when I am spending time helping brokers to understand and adapt to their regulatory environment knowing they are all proud of their professional standards.

LOVES: Bubble baths, my mischievous twin Westies, and karaoke nights.

Lea Cheesbrough

Head of Broker Development - Advantage & New Start-Ups

WORK: I get to do all the things I loved as a broker and watch others succeed on the back of the effort we put in. My passion is mirrored in the people and the culture. Being part of the Network is the most vibrant and rewarding place to be.

LOVES: Life!

Adam Lee

Head of New Sales

WORK: Meeting new brokers who are not part of the network and learning about their business and their lives – no two brokers are the same, and every meeting is a new opportunity.

LOVES: My beautiful family, Liverpool FC, My Pug and Doughnuts!

Ian Wainwright

Head of Premier & Connect

WORK: Having been a broker I understand what makes them tick and I get a real buzz from helping them to achieve their goals. Watching someone’s business grow with the support of the Network gives me huge satisfaction. The variety of our membership means there’s a new challenge every day and I relish them all.

LOVES: Sailing, rugby, football, live music and my 2 gorgeous grandchildren

Susan Adcock

Integration Director

WORK: The fast-paced nature of the business and the challenges that arise each day make it easy to get up in the morning! I am passionate about providing new opportunities for our members and helping them to achieve their long-term goals.

LOVES: high heels, going to the gym, chocolate and road biking!

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