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6 Tips for Writing an Awards Submission

We’re counting down to the Insurance Post’s Digital & InsurTech Awards on Friday 23rd November where our Marketing Consultancy team have been nominated for their Marketing Portal.

Winning an industry award or even being shortlisted can be a tremendous boost for your business, or a team or individual within, while raising your profile externally. In the run-up to the Digital & InsureTech Awards, we offer some tips on writing an awards submission.

  1. Seek out opportunities

Don’t wait for someone to encourage you or enter on your behalf. Look at the awards which are relevant to you – those which your peers may already be entering. There are plenty of opportunities for SMEs in the insurance sector to scoop an accolade. Insurance Times, Insurance Age and Insurance Post all have awards, but there may be some local options such as your Chamber of Commerce or dedicated business awards in your city, like The Talk of Manchester.

  1. Make sure they’re relevant

Rather than spend time trying to shoehorn your service or product into a category, focus on one in which it meets the criteria with greater ease. It may well be your submission would be better in a year’s time when you have the opportunity to see some results from an initiative. That said, don’t be put off if your proposition falls short only slightly, providing it’s not on a “must have”.

For example, if you don’t have exact figures, you could note what your projections are. But if the category specifies what sort of business you should be, i.e. a start-up or have a GWP under a certain amount, you shouldn’t enter if you don’t meet these criteria.

  1. Keep referring back to the question

What language is used in the category? Are they looking for an “innovative product”, or an “outstanding service”? Ask yourself how you’re offering ties in with what the judges are looking for and stick strictly to this throughout your answer. Submissions often if not always come with a word limit, so there’s no room for going off on a tangent if it’s not going to serve you.

  1. Answer the right question

Don’t begin to give the results of your project away in the “what were your challenges” section. The questions have been set out to steer a clear narrative, so you should make the most of the word limit in each. There will be the opportunity to blow the judges away with your results, just make sure you’re doing so at the right point.

  1. Provide clear evidence and support

If you can, always ask for testimonials from clients to support your submission. Positive figures can be invaluable in a “results” section as a way to provide concrete evidence but will not always be available, either because the product or service is in its infancy or you’re focussing on a service which is difficult to measure. Provide evidence where you can, otherwise substantiate the outcome in other ways, such a noticeable, if not quantifiable increase in awareness.

  1. Be descriptive

Don’t rely on the judges seeing a product, service or platform for themselves. Assume that they won’t and that you’re going to have to convince them of its effectiveness through your submission alone. The judges won’t know the subject of your entry inside out as you do, so be as explanatory as possible to give them a clear picture of what it is and why it deserves to win.


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