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A Day in the Life of a BNU Trading Underwriter

Our MGA, Broker Network Underwriting (BNU), offers our Members exclusive products that give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Trading Underwriter Eddie Lee takes you through a typical day to show you just what BNU can do for you.

7am – 9am

I wake up every morning at around 7am and help my three children get ready for school before I head to work at the Broker Network head office in Knaresborough.

9am – 9.30am

In BNU, we have regular round-table discussions about niche and difficult to place risks that our brokers have asked us to consider. This morning, I brought a Professional Indemnity enquiry for an engineer involved in Airbus aeroplane wings to the table.

9.30am – 10am

I phoned the Broker about their Airbus risk to tell them we’d be delighted to offer terms on the risk. They were surprised that we could write this risk as other markets they had approached had all declined it. I like to stay in regular contact with my brokers, so I then gave two other brokers I am working with a quick call to find out a little more about the risks they had sent to me.

10am – 12 noon

When a broker joins the Network I like to go out and meet with them to find out what their needs are. Today, I had a meeting with a broker close to the Broker Network office, but I also go across the country to meet brokers and have recently been to Manchester and Birmingham.

I explained that at BNU our products include Combined Liability, Construction Liability including Contract Works, Commercial Combined and Professional Indemnity. This particular broker had a book of business where they weren’t happy with the level of service they were receiving from the other insurer. I explained how we could roll over the book and provide them with the first-class level of service they were looking for.

1.30pm – 2pm

We had a quick team meeting, which is headed up by our New Business Team Leader, Sharron Sutton, to see how we are performing as a team and what we can do better. I explained that the Broker I had met with in the morning was interested in rolling a book of business over to us. I then set up a conference call between the broker, myself and the Team Leader for later in the week to discuss how to move the book over to BNU.

2pm – 3pm

We have regular catch ups with the Placement Support team and this afternoon I spoke to them about cases they had on their desks that we could help them with. Today, they had a risk from a broker whose client is starting a new independent micro-brewery which required immediate cover. I felt we could offer terms for this risk, so I rang the broker to find out some more details and to confirm the terms we could offer.

3pm – 3.45pm

I joined other underwriters on a conference call with our Professional Indemnity capacity providers, QBE, to discuss the latest developments in the PI Design and Construct market.

4pm – 5.30pm

As I have been at BNU for around five months, I am still training on certain aspects and this afternoon I had a session with our Senior Technical Underwriter on timber framed buildings.

6pm – 8pm

As well as connecting with our Members, we also like to have regular catch-ups with our capacity providers. This evening, the team went for a meal at The Box in Leeds with our capacity providers for Combined and Construction Liability, Chubb, to get to know each other better.

How do I become a Broker Network Member?

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a Broker Network Member, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0344 346 0946.

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