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Broker Network members Martin, Miles and Tristan go on camera with their thoughts on their first Regional Meeting

Following the last of Broker Network’s Regional Meetings, we caught up with Martin Bridges from Independent Insurance Services and Miles Adams and Tristan Sheppard from Export and General to find out what they gained from the event.

It was a first for all three, with Director Martin taking on Folkstone-based Independent Insurance Services earlier this year, and Tristan and Miles each only a few months into their first insurance role with brokerage Export and General in Kingston upon Thames.

Here’s what they took away from the London leg of the regional meetings and how they hoped to use the information shared from the day.


Martin Bridges – Independent Insurance Services


Have you been to the regionals before?

No, this is my first one.


What were you hoping to take away from today?

I recently bought an existing brokerage in February and have been on a journey as it were on what Broker Network can do and offer.

I have to say, I came along without an agenda but the two Richard Pitt sessions on enhancing the renewal income and cross-selling/up-selling were very useful; certainly sent me away thinking, “that’s for me”, and I’m tempted to apply for the Organic Growth Programme as well.


Were you taking lots of notes?

I was taking lots of notes indeed and I’ll be looking on the Hub for the slides.


Anything else you hoped to get out of it or anything you weren’t expecting?

I suppose SMCR is a focus for many of us at the moment and it was useful just to back up knowledge that I’ve already got.

But I’ve been networking as well and met one or two Broker Network suppliers who we deal with.

The HR facility looks very interesting for a small business like mine, so in the round very pleased.



Miles Adams and Tristan Sheppard – Export and General



How did you find the regional? Did you have any highlights, any takeaways?

Tristan: We came here with specifics because we wanted to know about Marketing, learning about renewals, and improving the renewals cycle. Both of us are new to the industry so it was important for us to understand that and how to improve what we’re doing while we’re learning as well, so that was the highlight for me personally.

Miles: We’re only involved in the Link network at the moment so it was more coming to learn about all the other stuff that Broker Network offer and I definitely learned a lot, especially about renewals so I would say that’s my personal highlight.


Do you feel like everything’s been answered for you?

Tristan: Yes and more, things that hadn’t even occurred to me have been answered and we’ll go back and feedback to the rest of the team who couldn’t make the trip today. We’ll have plenty to feedback and learn from.


Will we be seeing you at future regional events?

Miles: A hundred percent, yeah.

Tristan: Yes and the rest of the team as well – they won’t be getting away with it this time!



If you’re a Broker Network member and you’d like a refresher from the Regional Meetings, head over the Hub to access your information pack.

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