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Broker Network National Conference: one week on

We can hardly believe it’s already been a week since we were all networking like crazy in Harrogate. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and to meet such a lot of new people.

Now that the dust is starting to settle, we wanted to provide a selection of highlights and key takeaways from the event that will hopefully help delegates to squeeze every last drop of value from those hectic 48 hours!


Caught on candid camera?

Did our professional photographer catch you? Take a look at our photo montage from throughout the day, and the Edwardian seaside themed Gala Dinner highlights, below.


Gala Dinner Photo Montage from Broker Network on Vimeo.


LinkedIn went crazy…

We were blown away by the sheer number of comments and updates we saw on both LinkedIn and Twitter – it was fantastic to be able to see your posts throughout the event.


Check out our social wall!

We’ve collated some of the best posts from both social platforms into a virtual wall so that you can see snippets of the highlights at a glance. However, if you’re not yet following us on Twitter and LinkedIn, we’d love to connect with you!


Pearls of wisdom

The masterclasses proved incredibly popular – in fact, we needed to source extra chairs for Pete Goddard’s cyber session! Our professional photographer was out and about shooting the exhibition but a couple of members of the Communications team did manage to capture some of the key moments on film. Members and Partners: click here to watch the videos on the Hub.

Jim Lawless – tame your tiger

We’ll never forget the moment Jim had the whole auditorium on their feet learning how to change gear on a horse… to relive this moment and recap the many fantastic tips he offered on managing risk and adapting for change, watch the video on the Hub.


LAUNCHING 1ST NOVEMBER: the Learning Network

Andy Fairchild announced on stage at the National Conference that we’ll be launching a brand new learning proposition in the form of the Learning Network; and we’re excited to say that the first strand will go live next Thursday.

Set to revolutionise the way we approach professional development, the Learning Network is designed specifically for the broking industry. By inspiring staff to LEARN using a range of dynamic tools and resources; and ENGAGE with peers through digital communities; we empower everyone from account executives to directors to ultimately DEVELOP to their full potential. Members and Partners: find out more about our four distinct learning channels by clicking here.


A word from our sponsors…

There are a few people in particular whose support was vital in making the Conference happen that we need to show our gratitude to. We wanted to say a big thank you to our fantastic sponsors. We caught up with some of them during the exhibition to find out how they found the two days and what they wanted to get out the event. Watch the video below.


Reflections from our Executive Team

We sat with our Executive Team to discover their highlights from the National Conference.

“This was my first Broker Network National Conference; imagine my delight to discover old friends and to be able to re- engage with business colleagues who I have known for many years. The simple but clear messages from the sessions emphasise Broker Network’s deep commitment to the broking sector – well done to all involved!”
Alex Alway, Chairman

“For me personally, it’s great to see feedback from Members, Partners and Partner Insurers that they saw so much passion on stage; from a business with a clear purpose, and an aligned team. In addition the presentation, organisation and quality of the event was truly world class.”

Andy Fairchild, CEO

“This was my first ever Broker Network Conference and I have to say it exceeded all of my expectations. It was very well organised with quality, precision and also care. It was obvious that Andy and the Communications & Events team wanted to create a Conference that would be talked about until their next one in two years’ time.

“From walking around the exhibition hall and going to the workshops and talks, what was very evident is the ‘family’ ethos resonated with everyone who attended. There was a real community feel to the whole Conference and it’s great to see the future of broking being alive and well.

“Finally the highlight was the Gala Dinner – the culmination of the two day conference! I loved the theme, the entertainment and the food was of Michelin star quality. But for me what I really loved about the Gala Dinner was watching the people who attended meet up with old friends and make new friends. In his welcoming speech, Andy told everyone to “Network like crazy” and it was good to see everyone do that in abundance.

Richard Tuplin, Chief Development Officer

“There are so many highlights from the Conference for me. During the Awards night both nominees and winners were really engaged and have made the most of raising their profile via social media and other forums; the networking between Members was brilliant, and it was great to see them sharing stories and best practice. It was fantastic to see Organic Growth Programme Members meeting together to talk about their progress and to share experiences. Also many more people want to do the Organic Growth Programme! Gulp!

“There was a real buzz in the exhibition hall, and it was great to see Members talking to Insurers about their deals for 2019. Mark Wilkinson from Multicar told me that he’s got interest from over 70 Members in supporting his proposition!

“It was also fantastic to see great feedback on the Masterclass sessions and the amazing attendance; particularly as one of the presenters myself having worked from 3am on the delivery of each Masterclass and main stage session!”

Richard Pitt, Chief Network Officer

“We had some fantastic feedback from our Partners to say that the Conference was very professional and that it was useful for them to be able to catch up with Insurers and exhibitors. I personally thought it was very well organised, and great from an internal point of view – it gave us all a real sense of pride. The speakers were all fantastic, particularly Jim Lawless who was especially thought provoking. Overall a great success.”

Susan Adcock, Chief Operating Officer

“There are lots of highlights for me from the National Conference. A few people said that the exhibition felt like a ‘mini BIBA’ and there was a real buzz in the room. It was great to see our Members and Partners networking, and the presentations were fabulous – Andy’s speech was knockout, and it was fascinating to hear Andrew Neil speak. The Royal Hall for the drinks reception was just spectacular. On a lighter note, the Last of the Summer Wine moment will stay with me forever!”

Simon Drew, Chief Financial Officer

“It’s one of the most energetic and engaged exhibition areas I’ve seen in the market in recent years. We’ve already seen brokers and insurers do business in the week since the Conference, whether that’s through re-energised connections or totally new relationships, which is fabulous. It’s also lovely to see Members, Partners and Insurers alike getting involved in the thought leadership sessions throughout the two days.”

Dan McNally, Insurer Relations Director

“The BN Conference highlighted all the great values that exist within this great business – a collegiate, collaborative approach was on display with Members, Partners and Insurers alike. There was a real sense of “community”, open dialogue where ideas and problems were shared and solved, old friends reconnecting, and generally speaking a real sense of fun. The energy in every room was vibrant and engaging from Thursday morning right through to Friday night, and its fair to say this was Broker Network’s most successful event yet.”

Des O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer

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