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From climbing walls to telephone boxes – Placement give us their top ten unusual cases

It’s been a while since we last touched base with our Placement Support Team. Every day, they are on hand to help our Members source markets for hard to place insurance cases. When you scale up the number of independent insurance brokers they work with and the variety of enquiries that come in, you begin to get a sense of the sheer breadth of quirky cases that the team have had to investigate.

We sat down with the team for a friendly interrogation on some of the more eye-catching requests that have come in recently which they have successfully found markets for. Here is a list of our favourites:

  1. Unusual High Net Worth

Surrounded by water, but not flooded? This unusual private residence situated on an island in the middle of a lake was not a problem for the Placement Support Team.

  1. UK Holiday Home

Doesn’t sound unduly complicated until you factor in that this property included part of a sea wall. Not every day you come across a residence which is also part of a coastal defence system…

  1. Climbing wall

The Placement Support Team was recently approached by a client looking to insure a climbing wall. These more unusual activities where Public Liability cover is required come in more often than you’d expect.

  1. Safety Deposit box

A combination of typically high value contents and the natural isolation of the safety deposit boxes can make them hard to insure, but don’t worry you are in safe hands with the Placement Support Team.

  1. Hitting the right note?

Placement were asked by a Member to source public liability and professional indemnity cover for a singer, who was spending most of the year touring overseas.

  1. Property Owners Liability

When a building was raised to the ground leaving only a pile of rubble Property Owners Liability cover was needed whilst building contractors were sought to begin the new build.

  1. Location, location, location

Group PA and Travel insurance can sometimes be difficult to place depending on the destination. The Placement Support Team were able to ensure that a particular far reaching trek, in aid of a great cause, was able to go ahead with the appropriate cover in place.  

  1. Had a great idea?

Recently the team were asked to find a market for intellectual property insurance, the answer was ‘yes’ they did – but the details of the product are of course confidential!! 

  1. Temporary Structures

Making sure you are heading in the right direction: the team was asked to find a market for some temporary road signs and traffic lights.  We are pleased to say that they got there in the end, another great result!

  1. A little bit of History?

When Placement Support were contacted by a Member to obtain a quote for a local community who wanted to save their beloved red telephone box, the team was able to put them in touch with a market that could provide both material damage and liability cover.

Have you got any cases you think could make our next top ten, or any enquiries that are keeping you awake at night? We’d love to hear from you if so! Talk to us.

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