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Expecting the unexpected: Spotlight on Cathy

Following our recent conversation with Longfields, we sit down with Cathy Hunter from our Placement Support team to get a perspective on joining the Network from the other side of the fence.

First things first

Of course, when speaking to anyone working in Placement Support, the temptation is always to start off by asking about the most unusual enquiries they’ve had to try and find cover for. We give in to temptation early, and Cathy does not disappoint: “probably a luxury hotel for cats,” is the short response. “Sometimes you’re asked to help brokers source insurance cover for things that you didn’t even know existed,” she muses, “but if you were wondering, I can confirm that there are indeed high class catteries with cooked meals and all the bells and whistles out there.”

Expecting the unexpected

Cathy’s worked in insurance for some time now, with long stints as an underwriter and an account handler under her belt, which has given her broad exposure to all manner of queries before she even joined Broker Network. “They tried to warn me in my interview that cases can sometimes be a little off the wall,” Cathy jokes, “you never know what it’s like though until you’re actually in the middle of it.”

It’s not just luxury cat hotels. Cathy flicks through her notepad: page after page of hand written, colour coded notes on the enquiries she’s had from all manner of insurance brokers. “I’ve been asked about all sorts really. I was recently asked about insuring a traditional blacksmith just after looking into cover for space craft components; it’s always so varied. You can’t help but love it!”

Early Days

Cathy was still new to Broker Network when Luke from Longfields called Placement Support for the first time, and it was her that picked up the phone. “They were after cover for prefab buildings for a skip hire company,” she recalls, “it was 10:30 in the morning the Friday before a bank holiday and we needed to find something before a 12:30 meeting.”

Cathy managed to find a quote for Luke, who was in turn able to go into the meeting armed with what he needed. This was the first of a range of cases Cathy has helped place for Longfields, and she now knows the entire team well with phone conversations on a virtually daily basis.

There’s always a lot that goes on behind the scenes when enquiries come in, and Cathy is insistent that it’s the wider environment that helps deliver such good results: “we’ve just got so many strong relationships to draw on from across our partners as well as having Broker Network Underwriting on hand – it really makes all the difference.”

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