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Get festive with these Christmas content ideas

Ready to have some fun with your content and gain some attention this Christmas? Broker Network’s Marketing Consultancy team offer their tips to get you started.

Visual and audio content

Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social network, and can increase conversions by 86%. If you or a team member have a half-decent camera on your phone, you can make the most of this opportunity for higher levels of engagement:

Office pictures

Think Christmas jumper line-ups and decoration efforts. If your team are getting into the spirit of things as the countdown to Christmas begins, be sure to capture the atmosphere and share with your followers.

Cover photos

Get creative with your existing social media profile and cover images by adding some Christmas “decoration” or your opening hours.

Canva is a free online tool which makes it really easy to upload your own images and enhance them with a selection of graphics, all within your chosen dimensions. Canva’s sizing options include an entire social media category which features pre-set header, profile and post templates.

Christmas tunes

Compile a list on Spotify or YouTube of your teams favourite Christmas songs to share with your followers. Don’t discourage the offbeat entrants – your account handler might just be the person to introduce your social media following to “Wombling Merry Christmas.”

You could even define the list by adding a theme such as a decade, or whatever was number one in the year the member of staff was born.

Video and animated content

By adding video into your social media output, you’re increasing your chances of audiences engaging with or sharing your post ten-fold.  Here are a couple of ways to incorporate video into your social media messaging this December:

Christmas greetings and opening hours

Online software Crello has a selection of free-to-use templates which can spruce up your message or essential information.

Each can be easily adapted by changing the font and uploading your logo. The animation can be uploaded directly onto your social media channels or posted to a hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo to then share as a link.

Take a look at video below – you’ll see these have been modified with Broker Network’s Marketing Consultancy logo:


Staff anecdotes

Make some quick videos by filming your team telling Christmas disasters or traditions. Give yourself the best chance at a clear video by:

  1. Holding the phone sideways (landscape shot)
  2. Keeping it steady while recording by resting it on a table, or better still use a tripod.
  3. Film somewhere where there’s little or no background noise and plenty of light.

Interactive content

Quizzes and polls never fail to get attention, and this kind of “interactive content” can increase engagement with social media posts and blog articles considerably.

In 2013, the most hits on the New Year Times website were attributed to a quiz, and another posted on BuzzFeed in 2014 has been viewed more than 22 million times.

How to create interactive content

Media site BuzzFeed draws in 75% of its visitors from social media thanks to a constant and balanced mix of articles, quizzes, calculators and listicles. Free online tools such as Playbuzz allow you to easily create similar content to embed on your website or share on social media.

Here’s an example of a popular “this or that” type of quiz around a Christmas theme. Other styles could include personality quizzes, polls, flipcards, trivia and quotes:

The site’s analytics tool then gives you information such as how many people have participated and average “dwell time.”


Some of the above suggestions could also work as blog posts alongside explainer articles, such as how to manage risks around the home and business in the midst of the wintery party season.

Don’t be afraid to combine blog sharing on social media with other content formats such as images and polls to maximise the chances of it getting noticed.

Remember a blog post can be shared more than once on Twitter as feeds move quickly – just be sure to create variety by changing the wording on your post or maybe using different content to accompany the link.

How can we help?

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