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Leading the way: who inspires you?

We asked some of our Members which individuals within the broking industry and beyond inspire them. This is what they had to say…

Inspiring and educating staff

“Any brokerage that is inspiring and educating their staff and growing their business is an inspiration to me, as well as those that take the time out of their business to successfully develop it. They are the people and the businesses that I admire and look to emulate.”
– Nigel West, Managing Director, Fiveways Insurance

Sharing best practices

“All the participants in our Organic Growth Programme have a great platform for sharing best practices. In particular, I have received some great advice from Dale Collett of Gravity Risk Services Ltd, who has helped me by sharing Gravity’s business model regarding expanding with personnel and also sharing some of his documents.”
– Mandy Kisbee, Commercial Director, Insurewise 

Looking outside the broking industry for inspiration

“I believe inspiration can come from anywhere outside the broking world. I found Sir Adrian Heniker, the Managing Director of Achrochen, a hazardous chemical recovery operation company, incredibly motivational. I worked for him and saw how he had the will to succeed.

“When I was a boy, my dad took me to the Grand Prix and I was lucky to see Niki Lauda race. He was incredibly inspirational, coming back from a serious injury to go on and win.

“Last, but not least, Richard Pitt and Paul Meehan have given me the inspiration to continue and improve my business with frank and honest conversations through the Organic Growth Programme.”
– Paul Wadsworth, Director, F R Ball

Brokers who break the mould 

“Mark Bennett and the team at Bennett Christmas and the Park brothers at Park Insurance have redefined how a Broker Network Member should look to operate. At Park, they looked at other industries to gain insight into what they are doing to bring innovative ideas back into our space, for example introducing unlimited annual leave for staff. Bennett Christmas are trailblazers and have broken the mould, building on their experience and creating a risk management service.”
-Pete Goddard, Managing Director, Daulby Read

Learning from one another

“Being part of the Organic Growth Programme has been a valuable way to learn from other brokers in the Network. The time spent with them has allowed me to uncover what is working well for others and has highlighted the collective challenges we all face. The other Members in the programme have all inspired me to continuously evolve and develop Gravity.”
– Dale Collett, Managing Director, Gravity Risk Services Ltd 

Wise words to inspire

“Within the Network, I’m spoilt for choice and I can’t choose just one! Jonathan Hinks at Hinks Insurance Brokers took on the mantle of a family business and has taken it from strength to strength.

“Paul Graham and the team at H&H Insurance Brokers are a great example to us all – they focus on innovation for solutions and products that are very specific to their rural community.

“And finally, my father Peter Bates, co-founder of Ellis Bates who always said, ‘If you’re going to do business in a community, you do it right, so you never have to have to duck into a doorway to avoid a client in the street’, and that is something that has inspired every single step of my journey in this industry.”
– Rhiannon Bates, Managing Director, The Risk Factor

Who inspires you? 

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