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Let it snow… work from home? HR bad weather advice

With the current snow and bad weather making it difficult for your employees to travel, the HR Consultancy team provide answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions below…

Can I expect employees to attend work?

Employees should make all reasonable attempts to get to work, even if they arrive late, BUT without compromising their own health and safety.

My employee cannot work because their child’s school is closed – what do I do?

In emergency situations, an employee can take statutory time off to care for dependents in order to provide the immediate care and then make alternative arrangements.

Do I have to pay employees who cannot get to work?

If bad weather prevents an employee from attending work or their children’s school is closed, there is no legal right to be paid by their employer unless there is a contractual right or custom and practice arrangements in place.

Be as flexible as possible; it may be possible for your employees to work from home or agree to alter their working hours or location. Time off could be taken as unpaid or owed time in lieu, covered by annual leave or worked back in the future, or paid at the usual salary at your discretion. It is important to have an upfront conversation with each employee and come to an agreement.

Before deducting the pay of an employee please gain professional HR advice to avoid unlawfully deducting wages.

What happens if I close the office?

Normally you should not expect employees to make the time up or be unpaid if this decision is made by the Company.

Do I need a snow policy in place?

Yes! We would suggest if you don’t already have a policy, to implement clear guidelines for the future. If you have access to the Hub HR documents, you can find a template ‘Adverse Weather Policy’ within the Employee Handbook.

Members, if you have any questions about the above and your proposition allows, please contact the HR Consultancy Team on 0344  346 1332 or

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