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Member of the Month: Charlie Hicks, EIC Insurance Services

“You don’t lose your independence; if anything, it strengthens it and opens doors to markets you just wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.”

We always believe our Members say it best, and this is what Charlie Hicks, Managing Director at EIC Insurance Services, said he would tell a broker who isn’t a Member.

EIC joined Broker Network in 2001 to receive support from our in-house experts as a small broker. Charlie has been with the brokerage for more than 12 years, starting out as an apprenticeship and working his way up the company to become MD in 2017 through a management buy-out. 

He said EIC has benefited from the assistance of many of our teams over the last two decades: “Client Money and Compliance are top of the list for us at the moment. This is because Client Money frees up our staff’s time by taking away many of the time-consuming processes, so we can focus on being there for our clients. Compliance helps us to stay on top of regulatory requirements, so we remain compliant as a business.

“HR Consultancy, Placement Support, and Marketing Consultancy have also been crucial to us over the past few years, and we couldn’t have coped without them.

“Hopefully with the help of the Placement and Compliance teams in continually finding markets for our clients’ risks and helping us steer our way through the regulatory landscape with clarity and confidence, we can continue with our ambitious growth plans for the business throughout the remainder of this year and in the future.”

He added: “The strength of being part of a Network has become really prevalent during the pandemic. We’ve had constant updates and regular contact from our BDM, which has been hugely reassuring. We’ve also been made fully aware of potential issues and were able to plan ahead with our own PI renewal as a result.”

When asked how he felt EIC Insurance Services has benefited from being part of Broker Network, Charlie said: “Being a Member has opened doors to markets we wouldn’t have had access to otherwise, allowing us to create key relationships with insurers and establish a formal placement strategy with the Network’s Insurer Partners.”

His message to fellow independent brokers who are not part of the Network? “Don’t prejudge, just hear out the proposition. You don’t lose your independence; if anything, it strengthens it and opens doors to markets you just wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.”

Broker Network is part of the Bravo Networks family, which was recently launched to the industry, combined with the introduction of a dynamic mobile platform, Engage, which enables Members to connect with the Networks at the touch of a button, on their desktop, and on the move. After being Members for 20 years, Charlie told us he and the EIC team welcome the new branding. He concluded: “I like the new brand, it’s good to refresh and update your look as a business. Engage is a very clever app and brings the Networks into a really modern world which the competitors have a lot of catching up to do on. It helps you when you are on the go and with clients, as it can be accessed on your mobile phone via the app.”

If you’re a Member and would like to be featured in our Member of the Month series, please speak to your dedicated BDM.

Not a Member? If you are interested in finding out more about joining, please speak to Alexa Owen by calling 07483 929046 or emailing

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