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Member of the Month: Justin Hevness, CP Walker & Son

CP Walker & Son joined the Network in 2000 and two years later, launched the Member exclusive Property Protector scheme. Having been Members for more than two decades, Justin Hevness, Insurance Division Manager, says being part of Broker Network during the pandemic has been especially “reassuring”.

CP Walker & Son was founded in 1896 by Charles Potter Walker to manage properties constructed by his family. The business is now in its fourth generation, with brothers Dan and Rex Walker at the helm. Over the years, CP Walker & Son has evolved and expanded into new property markets, including an insurance brokerage and MGA.

This year, the business is celebrating its 125th anniversary and the team is going through a change of senior management. Justin has been heading up the broking company for three years and is now taking over the running of the whole insurance division. We caught up with him to find out what plans CP Walker & Son has this year, where he feels Network can help and how Members can benefit from Property Protector.

Justin explains, “Our long-term manager, Ryan Squire, is retiring in June and I’ll be overseeing both the broking and insurance arms of the business going forward, with newly appointed team leaders supporting me. I’m looking forward to catching up with old contacts and forging new relationships.

“The changes to our leadership will allow us to progress forward with our growth plans for 2021 and beyond to become the ‘go to market for property insurance for all Members’. I do not doubt that Broker Network and its services will be an important part of this growth plan.

“We joined Broker Network in 2000 on the recommendation of another local Network broker. We’ve found that the combined ‘clout’ of the Network gives us access to rates and markets that were previously only afforded to much larger firms. We have embraced the services, advice, and facilities over the years, allowing us to grow and successfully develop the Property Protector scheme in 2002.”

He continues, “Property Protector provides a scheme to all Broker Network Members with exclusive wording, market-leading rates, wide wordings, bespoke underwriting and a personal touch through a select panel of leading insurers.

“Our Property Protector offering is unique, and we pride ourselves on our traditional approach. Brokers are encouraged to present quotations via our easy-to-use portal, where every quote is looked at by our experienced underwriters, who will then quote bespoke terms and options within 24 hours, ideally the same day. Our sensible and balanced underwriting has led to consistent rates and great relationships with insurer underwriters for negotiating those larger or more complex cases. Our enhanced wordings and additional covers increase retention, giving you an edge on your competition.”

Justin says the CP Walker & Son team would love to discuss new agencies or renewal cases with all Broker Network Members and talk over their offering further.

While the business has been a Member for 21 years, Justin says the last year during the COVID-19 outbreak has shown the strength of the Network. “It has been reassuring to know that Broker Network has been there for us throughout the pandemic, with regular updates and client support,” he says. “Its people have been working throughout COVID, even though it has been from home, the transition has been seamless. The HR Consultancy service has been invaluable in helping us during the pandemic and also over the course of our recent expansion, internal promotions, and recruitment process, assisting us in implementing a sustainable structure for growth.”

He adds, “Compliance are wonderful and supportive with detailed documentative templates. Being able to call Samantha Ward, our Risk and Compliance Consultant, if we have concerns has been a real peace of mind. Plus, the Client Money and account settlement services save us time and run in the background with very little intervention from us. Placement have also assisted our broking team with the placement of weird, wonderful, and difficult to place risks of all sizes, pointing us in the right direction, introducing us to contacts, and opening doors for us. Andy Hainsworth and the team have been wonderful with their referrals of Members and risks to our wholesale Property Protector team.”

Justin tells us it is the combination of the Member Services expert guidance and connecting with other Members that makes being part of the Network so powerful.

He concludes, “I highly recommend joining Broker Network. Being part of a wider group of like-minded businesses, supporting each other, with centralised services is priceless. It is also good to know we can pick up the phone to speak to a friendly, fellow Member for help, advice, or assistance. We are all in this together with similar aims.

“To get the best value out of the membership, I’d advise brokers use as many of the services as possible – this is the recipe for success.”

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If you’re a Member and would like to be featured in our Member of the Month series, please speak to your dedicated BDM. If you’re not currently part of Broker Network and are interesting in finding out more about joining, please speak to Alexa Owen, Network Sales Executive, by calling 07483 929046 or emailing

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