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Members and Partners share top tips on hitting the headlines

We’ve been working closely with Insurance Business Magazine and Insurance Times to secure PR coverage for Broker Network Members and Partners. Read on for the background behind the stories and catch their top tips on hitting the headlines yourself.

The double award winner

After their Insurance Times award wins led to them featuring twice in the magazine, Rhiannon Bates and The Risk Factor team have a robust marketing plan in place. “One of the awards was for a specific scheme, so we are using industry specific publications to promote the fact that we have won an award for this scheme, and have exhibited at a couple of industry specific events too,” says Rhiannon.

“We’re also distributing the press release to our local press as a way to boost awareness and try to pick up clients we’ve had trouble with getting through to in the past, such as our local council – it will give us another reason to go through the door.”

Beyond the interview

After winning not one but two Insurance Times awards, the team are on top of the world. “We had an idea that we might be in with a chance of winning, but when they called our name for the first award we were still so thrilled. The second win was a true surprise, as we never imagined we had a realistic chance of winning in that category. It’s so pleasing to be a relatively small and new business, winning against bigger operators.”

Rhiannon’s Top Tips

“My top tips would be to get the press release in the publications that our kind of clients are going to read. Our clients don’t really use social media, so for us the more traditional outlets are more useful. However, the award wins did spike a surge of interest on LinkedIn from potential suppliers so we’re following up on developing new relationships there.

“Secondly, I’d say to get an introduction with a journalist and build a relationship; and when you’re asked for comment, have a strong opinion even if it’s not necessarily popular; it will mean they’re more likely to print your quote.”

The newspaper newbie

Amit Patel, now Managing Director at Anami Agencies, spoke to Insurance Business Magazine just before Christmas. “The interview request came out of nowhere and was a lovely surprise – it turned out that Broker Network had recommended us,” says Amit. “It’s the first time we’ve been in the press but we’re planning to do more promotion, especially on LinkedIn as that has worked really well for us in the past and really got our name noticed by customers.”

Beyond the interview

“I’ll be graduating from the Organic Growth Programme soon and will continue to implement everything we’ve learned – we’ve seen unprecedented growth since joining the Programme and I’m looking forward to developing our young team. It’s really helped us in terms of taking the family aspect out of day to day business and focusing on our challenges for the year; while still treating  our whole team like family.”

Amit’s top tips

“Just go for it – taking part in an interview wasn’t something that I’d considered doing but I think you’ve got to take these opportunities when they arise, and it’s prompted us to look at doing more PR in 2019.”

Click here to read Amit’s full interview.

The social networker

Shaun Mallia, Sales Director at Lockyers, was interviewed by Insurance Business Magazine in January, focusing on his new role and the brokerage’s plans for 2019. “Beth Ash suggested us to Insurance Business as a good broker to talk to – when they first got in touch I did ring Beth to ask if it was a joke! It was fantastic for us and Beth was a great help.”

Beyond the interview

Shaun says that alongside what was outlined in the interview, Lockyers has lots of plans to use the power of the Network in 2019. “Having recently been acquired we now have access to a full new team and we work closely together. Niamh in HR has been fantastic, it’s been amazing to get set up on the Cascade system – something that most provincial brokers like us would never have implemented on our own. Being able to address staff’s training needs is hugely impactful.

“In addition, we want to use Broker Network’s buying power to go further. We’ve made great strides using our in-house expertise in the leisure industry, but we can use the Network’s leverage to go up against competitors like PIB Group, Lycetts and Gallaghers.”

Shaun’s top tips

“Say yes to things and put yourself out there – we always say yes and figure out how to do it afterwards! For instance, winning a couple of Insurance Times awards had a big impact for us and led to me being asked to join the judging panel last year – an opportunity I jumped at! “I’d also suggest networking with the press in the same way that you’d network to find clients, as it’s all about who you know. Strong relationships with journalists are key so make sure you’re in touch with the right people.

“I think people don’t use social media as well as they could, using a manner of speaking that only other brokers will understand or appreciate. We have loads of clients find us on Facebook and LinkedIn, so our content is aimed at them.”

Click here to read Sean’s full interview.

The local hero

Dale Collett, MD at Gravity Risk Services, was featured in Insurance Business Magazine in January, and alongside the talk of the broking world he revealed how he ended up with the nickname ‘Moose’ and why he once accidentally impersonated Nicholas Lyndhurst.

Dale and the team have also made the most of their Broker Network award win to promote themselves in the local press. “We use a PR Consultant who has knowledge of all of the local press contacts and has also established contact with some of the insurance industry publications. He helped us to get published in Midlands Business News and Black Country Radio.”

Beyond the interview

Inspired by his interview, we asked Dale who would be the Del Boy to his Rodney. “I didn’t really have a Del Boy character in my circle, and even if I did I couldn’t possibly incriminate them publicly!” says Dale. “But there was a Micky Pearce who I worked with at the Royal, he even wore Micky’s hat!”

Dale’s top tips

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward – everyone has something to shout about. Have a story to tell; leave your ego at the door; and make your message personal rather than ‘corporate’. Also, get a good PR Consultant with the right contacts!”

Click here to read Dale’s full interview.

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