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It’s not rocket science

Jon Newall, Managing Director at Lockyers, gives us the lowdown on marketing, space travel, and the value in standing out from the crowd.

Boldly going where no broker has gone before

Jon laughs when we ask him how it felt when Lockyer Insurance became the first insurance brokers in space. “Pretty cool actually,” was the short response, “we’re certainly not aware of anyone in the industry that’s done it!”

Sending a branded balloon into space was just the latest in a long line of marketing campaigns that have turned heads, and it represents quite a leap from the branded fidget cubes that have been all over social media of late. We were fascinated to hear about where the inspiration comes from and what the process is behind the scenes.

Idea generation

“The secret isn’t really a secret – we just try and stand out from the crowd,” Jon explains, “there’s a lot of noise out there, and no one is ever going to listen to you if you’re just repeating what other people are saying or doing”. Jon’s advice for other brokers is typically down to earth too: “keep your eyes open. Be dynamic, be fluid. When ideas and opportunities pop up (and they do), just ask yourself “has anyone done it before, and is it cool?” If it hasn’t been done and it feels cool then you’re onto something.”

This philosophy is delivering results. The fidget cubes and space venture combined have created around 300k impressions on social media at the time of writing. “It’s incredible when you think of the exposure we’ve had off the back of these to be honest,” Jon reflects, “we’ve toyed with paid advertisement online before through PPC, but insurance is an extremely competitive environment with some big players in it. You need to box clever and get creative, and the returns we’ve had from our two most recent campaigns have been exponentially more cost effective than what we could have achieved through other channels.”

Bottom line impact

Exposure is one thing, but any thriving business relies on a healthy flow of new prospects to compete. “We’ve seen a really good return on investment from our marketing efforts of late,” Jon says, “we’ve onboarded a number of new clients, and our pipelines are also in very good shape.”

Not just about the marketing

Whilst the exposure has been great, and it does spark conversations with people you haven’t spoken to before, prospects ultimately need to have faith in your expertise.

“For us, marketing is just the start,” Jon explains, “you need to follow it up, and we invest heavily in treating our staff exceedingly well. Train your staff, encourage them to find niches and become experts in them, go on team nights out together, even the simple things like saying thanks or congratulating someone when they do a good job. It’s easy to forget stuff like this when things get busy, but I’m a big believer that happy staff create happy customers.”

What can we expect next

Jon is coy when we ask him about what the world has in store next from Lockyers. There are a number of campaigns that are still gathering momentum with follow up developments planned to add longevity, but the next big idea? “You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled” is all we can get out of Jon…

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