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How often have you not won a case and convinced yourself that the potential client “just didn’t understand” and that you “did all that you could”? Taking a moment to review why you won or didn’t win a case is really important. It’s too easy to blame the customer for “just not getting it” or the insurer for “I could get the price”.

Asking your new client,“Why did you chose us?” will provide you with valuable insight into the real reasons. It will also reinforce what a great decision they made and inform you what you need to keep doing to maintain their support. Most importantly, the client’s reason may not match what you thought was the reason. Conversely, asking customers that you don’t win, “What led to me not winning your support?” is equally critical – this question will often expose what you must change in order to win next time.

Rarely does a broker win a new client due to luck, there is always a reason. The tactics that you deploy are often the differentiator, so varying your tactics will inform you what really works. This will add to your learning and ultimately make you more successful. Assuming you’re not a sole trader, then it’s important to win together as a team, lose together as a team and to learn together as a team. No-one has all the best answers to all situations, sharing is a valuable learning opportunity.

You’re never too old to learn and often the youngsters in your organisation can teach you new things that really work. When ever you employ a new member of staff, make sure you sit down with them and ask great questions so you can understand a decide whether you want to adopt the best of what their previous employer did.

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