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Spotlight On… Anami Agencies

Amit Patel, Sales Manager at Anami Agencies, is starting to see the rewards for his efforts in business growth. He talks us through the values that drive Anami Agencies, dealing with shifts in the industry and the role the Network has played over the years.

Family values

“We’re a relatively small brokerage,” Amit explains “but we’re expanding”. Anami Agencies have always been driven by a strong set of values, and this underpins everything they do as a brokerage.

Speaking with Amit, he clearly attributes much of their success to the levels of customer care they provide, and the peace of mind clients have in knowing that they come first; their needs outweigh both insurers and Anami Agencies itself.

“Sometimes it can be tough; you really need to be dedicated,” Amit reflects. “You need the drive to help your clients when they need the assistance, and this doesn’t necessarily fall neatly within regular office hours. At the end of the day though, there’s no beating the sense of reward you get from building such strong relationships with your clients and the value they place in that.”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

When asked how he got into the industry, the response is a simple one: “it’s the family connection. We’ve always been a family run business, and ultimately, that’s where our values as a company come from. My father has thought about succession and stepping back a little, but the more he has considered this, the more he has realised that most of the investment hasn’t been financial; Anami Agencies means a lot more to him than that. I think we all feel that way.”

Embracing change

Thinking about the future, it’s difficult not to look at the wider industry and the impact of automation, aggregator sites and technological changes. “I suppose some would say broking is a dying industry,” Amit says, “but we’ve never seen it that way. In fact the exact opposite is true, and we’re constantly embracing change.”

Shifting landscapes like changes to the Insurance Act are viewed as opportunities to share expertise with customers. Technological developments are also regarded as ways to increase this personal touch:

“Technology is always opening up new ways we can improve the quality of service we offer. For instance, we use the OGI Cloud System to allow us to work on the move. Our clients are often so busy, a trip to the office or even a phone call can be hugely disruptive, so us being able to visit them at their premises is always much appreciated. We also find that insurers love this; having an expert analysing potential risks offers a higher degree of reassurance than customers doing it themselves.”

History in the making

“We go back a long way with Broker Network,” Amit reflects. “Historically we were drawn in most by access to Products and Placement Support; having someone on hand to help you with cases that are difficult to place has always leapt out at me as one of the top offerings. We use the Network for a much wider range of services now though.”

Moving on up

“Ironically, it was probably off the back of a conversation we had with another network,” Amit muses; “we had a call out of the blue where we were offered X, Y, and Z, and it made us take a step back to consider what we truly wanted out of a network.”

“It ultimately proved to be a catalyst for us; we started really using all the services we had access to as an Advantage Member, and alongside some brilliant support from Julie Branton, business started to flourish.”

“Upgrading to Premier was the natural progression, and one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve been working closely with Compliance to make sure we adhere to FCA regulations for instance, and Marketing Consultancy was also a big pull – we’re doing some brilliant stuff with them at the moment to refresh our brand and we’re delighted with the results so far.”

Still finding surprises

Anami Agencies were sometimes surprised by the services that became useful. “Take HR for instance. We’ve always been a family business, and one of the challenges we hadn’t encountered before was reaching the milestone where we needed to recruit from outside the family.

“All of a sudden, you need to handle a range of matters that are new to you: contracts, recruitment processes, interview questions, you name it. The HR team were there to guide us through every step of the process, and we’ve successfully hired brilliant talent as a result.”

“It’s the variety, and the balance of Broker Network services that have been so valuable to us; hand on heart I don’t know where else you can find this level of quality.”

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