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One small step into the world of work, one giant leap for a sociology student. Abbie Weaire joined the Communications and Events team at Broker Network to get her own taste of working life. Do you remember your first steps?

As a university student studying sociology, I have had little experience in the world of work. My most recent connection with this unfamiliar world is scanning. As many of you would probably agree, scanning is not an accurate representation of working life. Not to sound ungrateful, I am thankful for my scanning role (I have to say that – I work for my mum), but it hasn’t provided me with the insight needed to throw myself into this ‘world of work’ once I have finished my degree.

Whilst some are sure of what their role should be in this world from a young age, I am (or, was) far from in the know. My curiosity towards many aspects of life, from sport and adventure to writing essays and reading, meant I found it hard to single my enthusiasm down to one specific role. So, in the summer holiday break between my years of fun and not knowing at university, I decided to take the wheel and make the thought of entering this world a little less intimidating.

The phrase “its not what you know, its who you know” has been on my side this summer, as family connections have enabled me to go beyond the likes of scanning and delve into this unfamiliar world at Broker Network.

One giant leap for a student: My first steps

A little easier than landing on the moon I’m sure! I have been positively and pleasantly surprised at how easy I have found the transition into this new environment at Broker Network. My experience has provided me with a great deal of knowledge on how the world of work operates, but more specifically the role of Communications, Events and Marketing. From planning events right down to the design of a website, the comms team at Broker Network has shown me how diverse one aspect of an industry can be.

The extensive opportunities that I have been provided with throughout my time at Broker Network have included everything from writing this blog, joining in on meetings for website design, listening to external meetings, networking with experts and many, many more. For example, I have had the opportunity to produce copy for some of the newsletters and online magazines, which are sent out both internally to staff and externally to Broker Network Members. Through these experiences, I have gained new skills that will certainly be of value to me throughout my career.

This experience has given me an insight on how a professional working environment operates in many different scenarios and how the variety and diversity of roles all coincide efficiently and effectively with one another.

Farewell for now: My next steps

This friendly, vibrant team here in Communications and Events has changed my perceptions on this world entirely and have given me a real sense of direction. Not once throughout my time here have I felt like a tourist; what I thought would be a foreign environment has felt familiar and comfortable.

I feel as if I have massively benefited from this experience and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team and company, and would definitely say that I am not quite ready to leave. It is certainly a company I would jump at the chance to work for, should that opportunity arise.

A once clueless university student has discovered a sense of direction.

A thank you

The benefits I have reaped from this opportunity have been immense and I’d like to thank Broker Network for not only taking me away from the excitement of scanning, but for introducing me to the world of work in the way that they have. So, thank you to everyone here at Broker Network, and in particular, the Communications and Events team, for making the thought of entering this new world after University exciting.


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