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Broker Network Member shares tips on setting up a scheme

We launched the Broker Network Member Schemes, Facilities and Affiliates Directory as a result of Member feedback and our ongoing commitment to helping Members grow their businesses.

The Directory enables product sharing and business opportunities between Members and contains information on Premier Member schemes and facilities only.

We’ve been talking to Thornhill Insurance, a family run broker with 36 years of trading experience about their schemes. We spoke to Lucy Thornhill, Client Manager, who told us all about the two schemes, Packagesure and Adultsure, they are promoting through the Network; and how they have used several of our Member Services within their business.

How long you have been in the schemes arena?

The business started to wholesale insurance in the early 1990s with a fish and chip shop scheme that has run successfully under various insurers ever since.

What made you want to channel into schemes?

For us, schemes are a vital part of our business. We put a lot of focus into the running and development of the scheme business, be it the compliance, background checks or our involvement in the claims process. We enjoy the underwriting aspect of running schemes and pride ourselves on using our extensive experience to provide common sense underwriting with a can-do attitude to assist both brokers and their clients.

What makes you decide on the schemes you’ve chosen?

We always look for niches and areas that we think we can add value or improve on. We run several schemes and Packagesure and Adultsure are our schemes for Broker Network. Packagesure for us is about simplifying the process; a one stop shop for all SME business and a swift and seamless quote and bind product. Our main focus is always customer service and we feel this is what sets us apart from our competition.

Adultsure is more niche still, and this came after a conversation with an underwriter. We did some research and here we are now! We really feel like this is a totally unique offering, we worked hard on our website and branding to set the right tone and are very proud that we did this all in-house, including our bespoke built quote engine for our package business.

What is the strangest question around risk that you’ve had with one of your schemes?

“Will the policy cover the ‘T-Girls’ walking up and down the stairs in their high heels?” Funnily enough, a member of our staff then asked why girls are carrying tea down the stairs!

What schemes are you promoting through Broker Network?

Firstly, we launched Packagesure to offer a solution to general SME risks. We see this as our very own one stop shop and are constantly working to add more products at the right rates for Network Members. We also offer Liability with a quote and buy online and commercial combined insurance through the site. From a corner shop to a fish and chip shop to a freehouse to a guest house, Packagesure has it all covered.

We see Adultsure as our one of a kind brand – this is bespoke insurance for the adult industry. This is a huge industry that has previously been problematic for insurers, and after a long period of research and development, we now have a slick brand, great rates and super service. We are really excited about the future of Adultsure and the potential it has for growth. Adultsure can cover everything from adult retailers to parties, saunas to nightclubs.

What do you think are the benefits of using schemes for Broker Network Members and why should they choose your schemes?

I know I keep going on about it, but good old fashioned service. We have the right attitude and go above and beyond to ensure our clients and brokers are happy.

Our online portal is simple and effective; quotes can be processed and bound within minutes and documentation is instant.

Finally I’d say; it’s the breadth of our support – we value all of our clients, big or small, there are no minimal levels of support needed to access our products.

What services have you tapped into at the Network whilst promoting your scheme?

Our BDM Simon Kerry has been a great support in the launch process and for us, he is key in bringing the schemes to the Network.

We have worked with the Placement Consultancy team to enter the schemes in the directory, the Marketing Consultancy team to launch at the Conference with our fantastic magician, and the Communications and Events team to promote and educate Members about the products.

I have also signed on to the Organic Growth Programme, not to promote the scheme, but to develop my own skills within the business.

Have there been any memorable moments while promoting your scheme through the Network?

Getting our name up on the boards as a sponsor at the Conference was a key moment and very exciting – we didn’t think we’d see Thornhill Insurance sitting alongside Markel, Hiscox, Chubb and AXA!

Also, pitching Adultsure at a Network consultancy day in London – it is a bit tongue in cheek!

What do you like about promoting your schemes through the Network?

I like the support, the straight talking and the opportunity the Network gives to us as a small, but incredibly ambitious Member!

What advice would you give to another Member wanting to set up a scheme?

Talk to your BDM to discuss ideas, take their advice, and be patient! These things take time to set up and implement, the compliance is complicated but the Network will be behind you to help.

Also, talk to us! We may know an underwriter for your scheme. We are always happy to have a chat and offer advice from our experiences wherever we can.

What has been the impact on your business using and promoting schemes?

The schemes are a key part of our business. We see their growth and development as an instrumental part of our future plans.

Are there any schemes you’re working on now or in the near future that you’ll be promoting through the Network?

Yes, we have a few more in the pipeline – watch this space!

Want to find out more about what Thornhill can offer through Adultsure and Packagesure? Visit the Packagesure or  Adultsure websites for more details.

How do I promote a scheme through Broker Network?

If you’re already a Member and have any scheme that you’d like to be considered for our directory, please contact your BDM to discuss how we can help you promote it through the Network.

If you’re not a Broker Network Member and want to find out more about the services which can be included as part of your membership and how to promote a scheme, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0344 346 0946

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