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Do you have a risk that could make our Top 10?

We count down some of the stranger cases that our Placement Support team have either sourced markets for or obtained quotes for recently.

Every day, our Placement Support team are contacted by brokers looking for help with those hard to place cases. They love nothing better than helping brokers win new business or retain existing business.

 Here are some of the more unusual enquiries that have come in recently which the team successfully found markets for:

10. Auction house

Before the hammer ‘went down’ the Placement Support Team made sure the right cover was place for both the property and customer’s goods.

9. Statue

Not just set in stone – This one was made of bronze – protection against damage and theft was the request – not a problem for the Placement Support Team.

8. Power station designer

With all stages of the project requiring the appropriate covers from Professional Indemnity through to combined liabilities and Contractors All Risks. The broker was thrilled that we had been able to source him a competitive market for this complex risk.

7. Equine supplements

No horsing around with this one! Very specialist products liability cover required.

6. Music festival

The words ‘music festival’ usually conjure up images of muddy fields and leaky tents –  the organiser of the event  wanted to make sure that theirs was ‘water tight’ cover was in place in case of abandonment or cancellation.

5. Land/Road train

Remember those holidays on the coast? Jumping onboard and being driven around your favourite seaside town. As a passenger carrying vehicle it was imperative that all the essential covers were in place. Not one for the comparison websites!

4. A fleet of trike motorbikes

On your Trike – not one but a small fleet of three! Unusual, but not impossible for the Placement team.

3. Product guarantee for the aviation industry

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact – even in something as big as a plane. Our team were tasked with finding cover for one tiny little component in the wing of an aircraft, which proved to be a big challenge. This was a really niche risk with high stakes involved, so you can imagine how pleased the team were able to assist!

2. A tin shepherd’s hut

Exactly what it says on the tin! Pun intentional. 

1. Solar Panel farm and Energy provider

With their usual ‘sunny’ disposition the Placement Support team were able to provide the  broker with access to the most appropriate market.

Have you had any tricky cases you think could make our next top ten? We would love to hear from you if so.

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