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You Appeals

In an earlier blog, I talked about the importance of quality questions and introduced the concept of a client ‘Terms of Reference’ (TOR).

The TOR is critical and far more than a ‘moral contract’. The TOR documents:

*what you need to do to win the support of your new client

* what you are going to do during the review process

* what the new client is going to do during the process.

The best Brokers share this TOR with their potential client and ask them to read it and sign it as a true reflection of what was agreed.

Now you have agreed what you need to deliver to win!

The only way you can create a powerful TOR is by asking all the right questions and reaching a common understanding of the response. All too often I hear examples where the communication has broken down and the potential client says something like “No, that’s not what I meant when I said…” So, having a common understanding of the response is as important as the response itself.

If you wish to know more about a client TOR then please feel free to give me a call.

I’ve also mentioned in a previous blog about the fundamental role that tactics play in winning new clients.

So agreeing your tactics (in advance) with your potential client is really important. I’ve often heard Brokers say “someone needs to educate the potential client on what happens in Insurance when you get more than one Broker involved in a review…”, well that’s you. You need to educate your potential client as to what happens and how it’s not in their interest to get multiple Brokers involved and why ‘quote shoot outs’ are a bad thing for them.

The best Brokers have a checklist of questions they need to ask each new client, only by going through the complete IS there a common understanding. Often, when something is missed or a short cut is taken, the process of winning fails. Do you have a checklist in your business?

You Appeals

There are only four reasons why people buy things. No matter what it is you buy, you only buy it because it:-

  • Saves or creates time
  • Creates or saves money
  • Reduces worry or provides peace of mind
  • Enhances your image


Time, Image, Money and Worry are ‘You Appeals’. Everyone has heard of Features and Benefits but almost everyone forgets what the Benefit will do for you. All Benefits will link to one or more ‘You Appeals’. If instead of talking about features and benefits, you instead talk about ‘You Appeals’ then you’ll be talking in a language that means something far more interesting and meaningful to your customer.


If you start a discussion with a ‘You Appeal’ you are far more likely to get the attention of the recipient. This reduces the jargon people use and makes the discussion more relevant.


Give it a try and just see what a difference it makes.


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