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Teamwork & Favours

Day Nine of the 12 Days of BIBA from Our Chief Network Officer, Richard Pitt, comes to you live from BIBA. Watch the video below to find out about how teamwork and favours can make a huge impact on winning new clients.

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You Appeals

In an earlier blog, I talked about the importance of quality questions and introduced the concept of a client ‘Terms of Reference’ (TOR). The TOR is critical and far more than a ‘moral contract’.

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Barriers & Objections

A barrier is something that you come up against that prevents you from winning new clients. Objections are things that your new customers come up with that prevent you from winning new clients.

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Your BIBA survival guide!

Attending BIBA this year? If not, then why not? You may dread the thought of workshops, speeches and bumping into people who you don’t know, but the best brokers go with a plan, execute their plan and use the experience for their own benefit.

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Winning New Clients - Sources of Opportunity & Personal Qualities

Quality matters As a regional independent broker, there are dozens of different sources of opportunity. Clearly, some are easier to generate, some are far better in terms of quality and some are more predictable in terms of results. If you wish to know which are better than others then please feel free to give me a call. Only […]

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Tactics to win new clients & insurer relationships

The tactics that you deploy to win a new client are essential to succeed. If you’re spending time chasing new clients and not winning very much then its either because you are spending time doing the wrong thing or you lack a suite of tools and tactics to win.

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