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Are money worries keeping you awake at night?

According to StepChange, worrying about finances is preventing more than seven million adults in the UK from getting a good night's sleep. While it is often assumed that those with money worries are facing debt, people also have anxieties over money management when they are within budget.

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Men's mental health: You’re manning up right now by speaking out

Strength, dominating positions of power, the hunter-gatherer, the idea that strong and silent is alluring / attractive, the 'show no weakness' bravado of heroes in our media, unfortunately takes its toll on us fellas who are suffering with our mental health. In many of these macho images, there is little room for talking openly about our problems and concerns.

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How does career-ending insurance play out for rugby’s elite? We ask Full-Time Cover Director, Matthew Dewen ahead of the World Cup quarter finals.

Changes to rugby tackling rules may have seen a record number of red-card casualties at the Rugby World Cup in Japan, but they’re pivotal to improving safety on the pitch. World Rugby Chief Medical Officer Dr. Martin Raftery notes it’s one of several initiatives that are contributing to “significant progress” in injury prevention. Is it […]

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The world of work

One small step into the world of work, one giant leap for a sociology student. Abbie Weaire joined the Communications and Events team at Broker Network to get her own taste of working life. Do you remember your first steps?

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