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Cyber attacks: it could happen to you…

After the global ransomware attack last month that affected NHS trusts and businesses across the world, now is the time to ensure your customers are appropriately protected. Mike Ellis, Managing Director of BNU, offers some tips on how to take care of your clients’ Cyber needs.

Even if you’re a technological whizz, the thought of getting to grips with all the ins and outs of Cyber insurance can seem like a daunting task. However, you don’t need a degree in IT to be able to offer your clients excellent cover and help to protect them from harm’s way. Mike has rounded up some top tips to help you navigate this increasingly important area.

Cyber cover: what to look out for

  • If you’re looking for cyber cover, make sure you check that it includes cyber extortion. This isn’t necessarily standard cover depending on which insurer you choose, so don’t assume it will be automatically included.
  • Also check whether the insurers apply a sub-limit to this cover. Many insurers will tend to provide a much lower level of cover for ransom demands than for the liability aspect of cover.

How to advise your clients

Even if they don’t have an IT department onsite, there’s plenty that businesses can do to protect themselves from ransomware attacks. Here are a few top tips that you can share with clients when running through their Cyber cover options:

  • Never disclose that you have Cyber cover, even to your own staff.
  • Don’t do anything straight away – think rationally before reacting to any attack. Hackers play on heightened emotions and will use fear or anger to their advantage.
  • Keep backups of your data and documents so that you can protect your business from an interruption.
  • Update your software to ensure that you have the most secure version.
  • Don’t assume you have nothing of value that a hacker would want – they are not fussy!

BNU’s Cyber Liability cover offers extortion as standard. Members: to find out more, and to view Mike’s previous tips, have a look at the Demystifying Cyber post on the Hub.

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