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Bravo Group invest in the future of regional broking with apprenticeship collaboration

The Bravo Group is leading the way within the insurance broking industry by partnering with the CII, insurer RSA and training provider Babington, to deliver a collaborative apprenticeship scheme for individuals across the Group; the only one of its kind within the UK broking arena.

The first cohort of 17 fully-funded apprenticeships include employees and members from Broker Network, Compass and Ethos Broking. The Members are being funded by insurer partner RSA, using some of its Apprenticeship Levy funds, as a way of showing their dedication to supporting learners and enhancing professionalism within the industry.

The unique approach of Bravo Group’s Learning Network has sort to revolutionise the way professional development in the independent broking market is being approached. It encourages collaborative learning across multiple audiences, connecting industry leading experts and bringing learners together through digital learning, webinars and virtual classrooms to enhance and share knowledge.

Commenting on the scheme, Gail Braithwaite Head of Bravo Group’s Learning Network, said: “We’re passionate about investing in our people and the programme will really bring the cohort together – giving those individual learners across the UK, the chance to learn and share experiences as a group. They’ll join with peers who will become connections for life and be able to build a robust network for the future.

“We’ve worked in conjunction with the CII Aspire programme and Babington to refine the offering so that it broker specific and focuses on what brokers actually need to know. The CII offers gravitas and professionalism; and Babington truly understands the Group and has the training expertise we need. This is an invaluable opportunity for regional brokers and we’re delighted to be the first Network to collaborate with such a strong group of experts.”

Amanda Birkett, Director of Learning, Development and Resourcing at RSA, said: “Intermediaries are crucial to helping us reach our customers so we’re delighted to be the first sponsor of a programme that helps support the development and progression of regional brokers. Apprenticeships offer an excellent opportunity to bring an even greater variety of skills and experience to the industry and we are excited about supporting Broker Network and their Members on this programme.”

A CII representative concluded: “The CII understands that apprenticeships are great for the profession and for those entering it. They give new and existing employees the opportunity to earn while learning, and for employers they help develop talent. The Aspire programme fulfils a real need for succession planning through attracting and developing younger brokers which is vital to the ongoing success of the profession. The CII have worked with the Broker Network to create a structured, quality assured bespoke offering for members, which we are all truly proud to deliver.”

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