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Broker Network Regional Meetings

With our Regional Meetings drawing ever closer, we wanted to share a few insights into what Broker Network has in store for our Members!

We’re asking Members to step into the shoes of sporting legends and join us at one of four venues across the UK. Here’s an idea of what to expect on the day:

Broker Network Strategy & Future Plans

Delivered by our CEO Andy Fairchild, he will focus on the Network’s strategy; what’s working well and what areas we need to concentrate on.

Broker Network Products

We understand that products delivery is a hot topic for our Members so Tim Rolfe will firstly give clarity on the products proposition as well as updating you all on the developments we have made and are continuing to make. He will also put e.Trade, Facilities and BNU under the spotlight.

Member Services

Our 15 Member Services are at the forefront of the Network and Richard will be sharing some exciting updates on enhancements we’re making across those services, as well as giving you an overall picture on how the membership is faring.

Broker Network Partners

Des O’Connor will remind you about the Broker Network Partner strategy and provide an update on what we’ve done to date and why those particular acquisitions. There will also be a sneak peek of what’s coming up around the corner.

Strength in Numbers comes with Independence

We’ve been working on delivering enhanced insurer commissions as well as simplifying agencies but we understand that you still need some clarity around this so Dan McNally will be guiding attendees through the latest developments.

Networking with our Strategic Insurance Partners

We want this to be as meaningful as possible, so we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that insurers are sending local traders who really understand your wants and needs; we want Members forging strong relationships with the people they will actually be working with.

GDPR & IDD workshop

By popular demand, this workshop is being run by Jenny Hemmings and Donna Walker from Risk & Compliance. The session aims to cover key regulatory changes, how brokers can prepare themselves and what Broker Network is doing to support our Members.

Registering for the Event

Regional Meetings are open to all Premier and Advantage Members. There are four meetings set up, with locations and dates as follows:

You can register for the events and find further information via the Hub through the links above. Alternatively, you can email

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