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Cyber security: guidance for business to protect themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic available for download

Following on from our SME Coronavirus Guidance Pack, we’ve created another guidance resource to allow our members to support their clients, this time by focussing on cyber security.

No sooner than companies moved their employees from office to home in order to comply with Government guidelines, than vulnerabilities in businesses’ defence line became all the more apparent and open to exploitation.

There have been widely reported scams and hacking incidents as businesses make the best of remote working through a heavy reliance on technology.

In this guide, you’ll find links to essential guidance from organisations including the CBI, NCSC, ICO, Global Cyber Alliance and KnowB4.

Through this pack, SME clients can follow the NCSC’s 10 steps to cyber security, familiarise themselves with what a scam may look like and some which are already doing the rounds, and find out what actions they should take if they have fallen into a trap, including the web address for Action Fraud if money has been stolen.

With many questions around the holding, protecting and processing of data in these challenging times, there are also FAQs from the ICO, including whether you can collect health data from an employee. 

Links to constantly updated resources means that clients can remain informed by expertise and official guidance.

Click to view and download the Cyber Pack in full.

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