Working in Partnership


Working in Partnership


Our regional broking Centres are larger brokerages who are looking to grow their business, organically and through acquisition. We understand the importance of regional independent brokers which is why all Ethos brokers retain their own identity and brand. The Centre is provided with access to capital to purchase smaller brokers, known as ‘satellites’.

Each Ethos broker receives wide ranging support from a team of market-leading in-house experts, offering services including HR, Marketing, Risk & Compliance Management and Insurer Reconciliation.


We understand that having poured a good deal of blood, sweat and tears into your business, deciding to sell is an emotional experience. Selling to a like-minded independent broker is often less daunting and can enable you to remain within the business if you wish. Satellite brokerages are often smaller in size with directors looking to sell to another independently thinking business within the area.

Words from the CEO

“People that have put their heart and soul into building a business want to know that when the time to sell is right; their customers and management team are in the hands of people that understand independent broking.”

Des O'Connor Chief Executive Officer

The benefits of becoming an Ethos Broker

Ethos Broking offers a convenient exit option to regional brokers who are looking to begin the next chapter of their working life. End clients will continue to see their independent regional broker on the ground operating with their own identity but with an unrivaled infrastructure supporting them.

Ethos Brokers benefit from a wide range of unparalleled services that are delivered by an in-house team of experts; exclusive products and strong insurer relationships; each broker is also supported by dedicated integration specialists.

Explore your options for becoming an Ethos broker

If you have any queries or would like to discuss how Ethos Broking could help your brokerage then please get in touch.

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