Training Academy

The Broker Network Training Academy is a direct response to Members’ requests for an extensive, wide-ranging syllabus for their staff.

The success and popularity of our Insurer Webinars and Virtual Classrooms have led to the development of an exciting new way of learning for our Members. Delegates tell us that this form of learning provides the most convenient, time and cost effective learning for employees.


Training that’s built around you

The exclusive Training Academy programme includes a wide range of courses which could help you to realise the potential of your staff and power growth in your business. The role-specific nature of the courses ensures the content is tailored and relevant to both you and your staff; and a blend of e.Learning, Insurer Webinars, Face-to-Face sessions and Virtual Classroom Training via webinar makes for an exciting learning environment, with a means of delivery to suit all learning styles that can easily fit into your working schedule.


Learn what you want, when you want

Whether you’ve got decades of experience in your field, or you’re just starting on your journey, there’s bound to be a course to suit your level of expertise. Our partnership with Wiser Academy allows Members to achieve their Cert CII and Dip CII at a discounted rate, and our online webinar library means that it’s always possible to re-watch webinars on demand at a convenient time.

To explore further, current Members, please visit the Hub. Alternatively, if you are not already part of the Network, please follow the link below to learn more.

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